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Get the Guide-Mortgage Pre-Approval Checklist!

Before you can start the search for your dream home, you need to know your budget. After all,what’s the point of shopping if you don’t know what you can spend?If you’re like most home buyers, you’ll be using a mortgage to finance the purchase of your new home. Getting a mortgage isn’t complicated, but there is a fair amount of paperwork necessary to get pre-approved and start your home search off on the right foot.Here’s a list of all the things you’ll need to get the pre-approval process started.

  • Identification: A driver’s license or state-issued ID card works best here, but any sort of government-issued ID like a passport, military ID works too.

  • Last Two Years of Federal Tax Returns: Mortgage lenders are looking to establish afinancial understanding of you; tax returns demonstrate your income history and help supportyour ability to pay back your potential loan.

  • Last Two Years of W-2 / 1099 / K-1 Statements: These statements help corroborate the financial picture your tax returns paint and are an important verification step for mortgage underwriters.

  • Pay stubs Covering the Previous 30 Days: If your taxes and W-2s help the bank understand your financial past, your pay stubs help them understand the present. Generally, only one pay stub is necessary if it contains year-to-date payment information on it.

  • P&L Statements (if you’re a business owner): If your income depends on the operation of a business, the bank will want to support your pay stubs with profit & loss statements from any businesses you operate.

  • Asset Statements: In order to assess your ability to make payments on a loan, mortgage companies also want to get an idea of your current assets, including balances in checking and savings accounts, retirement/401k/IRA accounts, and any investment portfolios you have.

  • Copy of Current Mortgage Statement (if applicable): If you’re already the owner of a home or property and have a current mortgage on it, your lender will want to review the documentation for that loan (even if they are the lender on that property too).

  • Copy of your Property Tax Statements (if applicable): Like a mortgage statement, your property tax statements will help a lender determine your payment history and ability.Is something missing from this list? There is no standard document requirement for the industry;different lending institutions may require different documentation. Make sure to connect with your lender to make sure there’s nothing else they need to get you pre-approved. Information obtained here is from Theclose.com

To print out my checklist, click HERE

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Aubrie Layne, a luxury real estate specialist, possesses the winning combination of loyalty and confidentiality. Having a firm grasp on Houston’s premier neighborhoods, her knowledge and strong work ethic have garnered her a clientele from all over the world. Considered an insider, she is the consummate professional who focuses on fine properties inside the loop, Montrose, The Heights and up and coming areas like Eado.


A native Houstonian, Aubrie was raised in California and returned to Texas in 2001. A beauty prodigy, at age 12 she started her first business and by 20 years old she was promoted to the prestigious position of a global makeup artist with Laura Mercier. She represented the brand in Asia, Europe, and The Americas with regular work for the Paris and New York Fashion Weeks. Aubrie has 25 years of experience as a makeup and eyebrow specialist winning BEST of multiple categories in the beauty industry. She was recently named one of Houston’s top 26 Most Stylish People by the Houston Chronicle. 


With her thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in Houston and a family of real estate entrepreneurs, a career in residential real estate was an obvious choice for this organized, highly driven, motivated professional. Aubrie strives for excellence in all things and is committed to the priorities of her clients. Employing a solid referral base and many high profile clients, she is an excellent listener and problem solver who thrives under pressure and loves the challenge of making certain that any transaction is a “win-win” for all parties involved.


Aubrie is a member of the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, National Association of Realtors, the Texas Real Estate Commission, and Texas Association of Realtors.


A die-hard HLSR volunteer with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Souvenir Program Committee, Aubrie is on the Goody Girls Cook-Off Team. She was the 2015 Adult Honoree for the Arthritis Foundation Bone Bash Gala where over $300,000 was raised for the charity event. She is an Arthritis Foundation Houston Junior Board and committee member. A bonus mom to three boys in college, Aubrie is engaged to a financial planner,a perfect power couple-empty nesters.

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